Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce Education Values 2018


Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce Education Values 2018

Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce Education Values 2018
One of Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce’s objectives is to provide support for the educational institutions of Terrebonne Parish. The Chamber recognizes the importance of strong schools and education opportunities. We believe the educational environment is a key economic and quality of life driver in the region. To that end, the Chamber recognizes the expertise of educators and administrators in delivering a high-quality academic experience in elementary and secondary schools, the community, the technical college, the region’s university, the library system, and LUMCON.
One of the many goals of the Chamber is to engage business and industry partners along with educators in identifying ways to strengthen and support our educational institutions as they strive to achieve their missions. The Chamber seeks to collaborate with the businesses and community members who are willing to support the following values in relation to the intersection between business and industry and education.
1. HTCC recognizes that for learning to take place, the safety and security of our students must be a primary concern. The Chamber supports the efficient and effective development and deployment of security and safety measures.
2. HTCC supports greater access in schools to resources in support of mental health issues and troubled youth programs.
3. HTCC supports opportunities for the dedication of resources that recognize and reward excellence in teaching.
4. HTTC supports the development of a well-defined long-term master plan with a clear vision, mission, and goals that provide a framework for decision making.
5. HTCC supports career pathways to train and prepare students for the workforce including internships, apprenticeships, and work-based learning opportunities.
6. HTCC supports opportunities for all educational institutions, pre-K to 12, and post-secondary, to collaborate to best utilize the resources of each organization.
7. HTCC supports Universal Pre-K and agrees with research that shows that students who are given the advantage of attending a pre-K program develop much needed emotional, academic, and social skills they may otherwise lack when entering kindergarten.
8. HTCC recognizes the importance of LUMCON and advocates for the continued development of LUMCON in support of its mission and contributions to the local community.
9. HTCC recognizes the need for greater support from business and industry partners and seeks specific support from these organizations for underperforming schools.
10. HTCC supports the development and implementation of strategies that provide support for new learning methodologies and specifically for additional exposure in schools and teacher training for technological advancements in providing education.
11. HTCC supports the remediation of students who are not college-ready in math, English, and reading during high school. The Chamber further supports the collaboration of the technical college, the region’s university and secondary schools in this process.
12. HTCC recognizes that all children learn differently and that vibrant communities need a variety of educational settings where children can learn, and families can feel confident and comfortable with school options that align with their core beliefs.
13. HTCC recognizes the variety of agencies within the community that is focused on supporting students and their families. The Chamber believes that the coordination of the work of the agencies and the work of the schools will enhance the educational opportunities for all students in the Parish.

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