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-Office Systems

-Business Administration

-Medical Coding

Contact: Paula Rome | [email protected] | 985.448.7987

Paid, unpaid or both: Unpaid or paid if the employer would like to pay the intern

Hours required: Minimum of 10 hours per week over a 16-week semester

Expectations of employer: Sign an agreement to offer a minimum of 150 hours of work, creates job description or plan of work, evaluates the intern at midterm and end of term, agree to interact with faculty member overseeing the internships during the internship duration.

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-Integrated Production Technologies

Contact: Noel George | [email protected] | 985.448.7952

Paid, unpaid or both: Mostly unpaid

Hours required: Minimum of 140 hours over a 15-week semester

Expectations of employer: Sign an agreement to create a plan of work, evaluate the student at midterm and end of term, interacts with the faculty member overseeing the internship





-Sales Management

-Human Resource Management

-Maritime Management

-Computer Information Systems

-Office Systems

Contact: Kristie Tauzin | [email protected] | 985.448.4509

Paid, Unpaid or both: Mostly paid; Some students consider unpaid

Hours required: Minimum 150 over a 15-week semester

Expectations of Employer: Sign a Memorandum of Affiliation

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-Automotive Tech


-Collision Repair

-Diesel Tech


-Food Service

-Nursing- CNA

-Small Engines- OPET


Contact: Pam Mayet | [email protected] | 985.851.1163

Paid, Unpaid or both: Unpaid by the employer, the student is being paid by the Summer Program

Hours Required: Minimum of 10 hours per week over 4 weeks- Month of June

Expectations of employer: Sign employer contract and weekly timesheets

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