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One of the primary benefits of the Chamber of Commerce is its time-tested method of researching and, when necessary, taking positions on issues that affect the residents and businesses in Terrebonne Parish. The Chamber does not take this responsibility lightly. Issues are brought to our attention through our committees and divisions. If a committee votes to take a public position on an issue, that vote is brought to the Executive Committee, which discusses the issue further. If the Executive Committee agrees that the issue has merit, it is submitted to the entire Board of Directors for a vote. Please review the list of letters and resolutions below by clicking on the download icon. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed by the Chamber, please contact the staff and they will assign it to the appropriate committee.
Letter of Recommendations on Parish Recreation to Parish President Gordon Dove
Read the letter of recommendations we sent to Parish President Gordon Dove on moving recreation in Terrebonne Parish forward.
H-TCC Task Force on Recreation August 2017 Recommendations
You can read our summary of recommendations for Terrebonne Parish recreation here.

2015 & 2016
Options for Reforming America's Tax Code
Introduction There is a widespread consensus among Americans across the political spectrum that the U.S. tax system is overly complex, inefficient, uncompetitive, and due for an overhaul. However, Congress has not passed a comprehensive tax reform bill in three decades. As a result, many lawmakers have set their sights on the 2017 legislative session as an opportunity to hammer out a tax reform deal. Because so many parts of the U.S. tax code are in need of change, any tax reform bill considered by Congress is likely to be hundreds of pages long and contain dozens of distinct provisions. As a result, lawmakers and voters may be unsure of the effects of each separate tax change on federal revenue collections, the tax burden borne by different groups of Americans, and the growth of the U.S. economy. To assist lawmakers in assembling tax reform bills over the coming months, and to help the American public in understanding the tax changes being proposed, we have assembled this book: Options for Reforming America’s Tax Code. This book describes 86 commonly proposed changes to the U.S. tax code that might be part of a future tax reform bill. Over the past few months, our team of economists has modeled the effects that each option would have on federal revenue, the distribution of the tax burden, and the U.S. economy. These figures will give policymakers and voters a full, three-dimensional understanding of the effects of each policy change. The options we’ve chosen for this book are not necessarily the Tax Foundation’s favored policies. In fact, no policy described in the following pages would be an unequivocally good or an unambiguously bad change to the tax code. Each of the options in this book comes with tradeoffs. It is becoming increasingly clear that tax reform is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. We hope that this book helps policymakers get it right. Read the Book Here
Chabert Medical Center Resolution of support
CEA Letter for PP and PEIS (Gulf of Mexico leases for 2017-2021)
Resolution supporting LA1 improvement project grant
Restore Mississippi River Delta Coalition White House Letter
Well Control Rule Advocacy Letter
Letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy opposing preposed ozone regulations
Environmental Trust Fund Coalition Letter
Resolution opposing parish suit against oil & gas industry
BOEM Letter for Increased Energy Exploration and Production
Waters of the US letter 2014
Letter of Support for Amendments 1 & 2 for Hospitals
Resolution in Support of TPSD December 2014 Ballot
Resolution in Support of Amendment 11 on November 4, 2014 Ballot
Letter to U.S. Chamber on BP brief