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We support key legislation that affects our business community.
The Houma-Terrebonne Chamber is a non-partisan organization that supports legislation based on the following criteria:

  • Benefits the overall needs of the Terrebonne Parish economy
  • Benefits the business community at large
  • Upholds responsible government and pro-business legislation

  • 2018

    Recreation Board Openings, School Board Election Qualification Information & More
    The Terrebonne Parish Council is seeking individuals to serve on the boards for Recreation Districts 2-3 and 11. Anyone interested in serving or nominating an individual to serve on these boards should fill out the application and contact the Council Clerk's Office . . . Read Here
    Updates for the first two weeks of the Regular Session are here!
    2018 Louisiana Regular Legislative Session Weekly Report. Click here for our lobbyist's week 1 and 2 reports . . . Read Here
    Louisiana Legislature Regular Session Bills!
    2018 Louisiana Regular Legislative Session Over 1,000 bills have been introduced for the regular session. You can use the links below to learn more . . . Read Here
    Notice to the Public: Vacancies in the Terrebonne Parish & Special Session Wraps Up
    The Terrebonne Parish Council is seeking individuals to serve on various boards, committees, and commissions designed to maintain and improve the quality of life in our community . . . Read Here
    Show Your Support for LouisianaCheckbook.com
    We believe that the best way for government to win back the trust of the people is to shine a little light on how they are spending the people's money... and we hope you do too . . . Read Here
    Special Budget Issue from Chesapeake Group
    On Monday January 22, 2018 Governor Edwards introduced his FY 2018-19 state budget. The Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget meet for about 7 hours questioning Commissioner Darden about the budget and its impact on state services. Governor Edwards was present and answering questions for the first two hours of the meeting . . . Read Here
    PAR Releases New Commentary on Tax Reform
    Dear PAR Members & Friends: The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana has released a commentary, Reach for the Best Option: A highly recommended initiative should anchor Louisiana's 2018 tax reform debate. Now is the time to move forward with a Louisiana state income tax reform that truly creates greater simplicity, stability and lower rates. The Governor and the Legislature should work together to support passage of a constitutional amendment that would eliminate or limit the federal tax deduction for state filers while lowering income tax rates. The potential Congressional reform of federal income taxation is all the more reason to move ahead with this state reform. This move is in the best interests of Louisiana taxpayers and the state's fiscal outlook . . . Read Here