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One of the primary benefits of the Chamber of Commerce is its time-tested method of researching and, when necessary, taking positions on issues that affect the residents and businesses in Terrebonne Parish. The Chamber does not take this responsibility lightly. Issues are brought to our attention through our committees and divisions. If a committee votes to take a public position on an issue, that vote is brought to the Executive Committee, which discusses the issue further. If the Executive Committee agrees that the issue has merit, it is submitted to the entire Board of Directors for a vote. Please review the list of letters and resolutions below by clicking on the download icon. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed by the Chamber, please contact the staff and they will assign it to the appropriate committee.
Letter of Recommendation on Parish Recreation to Parish President Gordon Dove
Read the letter of recommendation we sent to Parish President Gordon Dove on moving recreation in Terrebonne Parish forward.
H-T CC Task Force on Recreation June 2017 Recommendations
You can read our summary of recommendations for Terrebonne Parish recreation here.

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