Randall L. Bethancourt

Randall L. Bethancourt for District Judge 32nd Judicial Court, Division E

“My name is Randy Bethancourt and I am running for re-election as Judge for Division E in Terrebonne Parish. With confidence in my judicial record, professional education, community service and charitable efforts, I humbly ask for your support. The honor of being your judge for 17 ½ years has allowed me to see many of you in my Court as litigants, jurors, witnesses, or students. I have met many more people in our local schools, businesses, and sporting events.

My campaign platform is the same platform I ran on 18 years ago. My pledge was to be a conservative, compassionate, and fair judge. I feel confident that I have done that and have grown each year to be the best judge I can be. Being the Chief Judge and judge on duty during Hurricane Katrina, presiding over a serial killer case, have served as constant reminders the serious responsibility a judge has to dispense justice consistently and efficiently. This experience has also been enhanced by presiding over literally thousands of civil and criminal cases in my career. If elected, I will continue to strive to maintain that judicial excellence that has been an honor to provide for all citizens that appear in my courtroom. I love the job you have entrusted me with for all these years. It is a privilege to be your judge, and my dedication to that obligation has not wavered. When I am addressed as “Your Honor” it is a constant and daily reminder that it is the people of Terrebonne Parish who have honored me to be your judge. That is what fuels me to seek another term on the bench for Division E, on November 3, 2020. I am excited to reach out to as many people as possible, under current conditions, and ask for your continued support. Please vote for me, Randy Bethancourt, (#74) on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.”

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