#SummerSocial - A 3 Part Series

The #SummerSocial series discusses all aspects of social media and how to utilize them for your business.

#SummerSocial – Part 1: Social Media Kickstarter
Cody Blanchard – Owner of White Car

#SummerSocial – Part 2: Diving Deeper into the Social Realm
Emily Knobloch – Director of Communications for White Car

#SummerSocial – Part 3: The Social Media Market
Rhonda Alfred – Marketing Director for Terrebonne General Health System


14 Essential Social Media Etiquette Rules for Brands

A Checklist For Getting Started on Social Media

#SummerSocial Part 2 Powerpoint (Analytics)

Social Media Analytics & Data Cheat Sheet

Top 8 Social Media Software Platforms 

Google Analytics Academy

Social Media Budget Template 

Main Takeaways Part 3