Teresa King

Teresa King for Judge District “A”

“Being a judge means a lot to me.  I don’t take for granted the important responsibility that comes with the position of a district court judge.  It’s more than a political office.  It’s having the decision-making power over very personal circumstances and life-altering court cases for the parties involved.  It’s having the personality, the demeanor and the patience to interact with people on a daily basis.  I am prepared to rule with a heavy hand while extending compassion to the parties in unfortunate positions.

Having witnessed the economic and societal costs of recidivism in criminal court, I support the efforts for rehabilitation and specialty courts.  Neither the court system nor the jails were designed to fix people. It takes a combination of intentionality and creative solutions to make a difference in the court system, and I’m prepared to offer just that.

More than anything, Terrebonne needs an independent judiciary.  What I offer the people of Terrebonne Parish is something new, an opportunity to move forward.  I have developed wonderful relationships with my colleagues, but I have not and cannot be bought.  I will rule in accordance with the law and jurisprudence without taking into consideration any bias or prejudice.  I will give parties an equal opportunity to be heard, and I will bring due diligence to the research and decision-making component of the job. With diversity in leadership, we can move forward as a united community for the people.”

– Teresa King

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